New hose in Laurel, MS

A visitor.... This is the lizard that runs on his back legs!!!! And is about 20" long... BIG ONE :)

The Blue Hole, Belize. March 21, 2017

Kaylem having a great day in the pool :)

I am having a new Guest Casita built for all those wishing to visit :)


A beautiful day :)

The new addition by the sea. Soon, the beer cooler, chair and I will be there :)

My 3 be besties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Margaritas for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sun rises!!!!!!!!!!! Its got to be another great day!!!!!!!!!!!!

A baby hummingbird showed up one day and spent 20 + minutes. Mommy bird spent a lot of time chirping at baby. LOL.

Oh, life is like a box of chocolates. And, as you can see mine is empty!!!!!! I need moreeeeeeee…. LOL

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My Belizean Clouds

Life in Belize is wonderful. I retired and moved here in August 2009 and have no regrets. Hope all my friends will be able to come visit one day... preferably before I die.... LOL

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Latest Happenings

Nov. 11, 2013

too cool

I just saw a great website EAGLES.ORG They have a live cam near the nest of Romeo and Juliet (the eagles) and their eggs!!!!! The cam will eventually let you see the eaglets hatch!!!!!!! Now I am up all night…. LOL

Nov. 15, 2013

Wet Wet

Tis another rainy day. Actually, this is great as the road is so bad no one can just drop by… LOL

Nov. 21, 2013


I had a reverse osmosis system installed Tuesday. The cistern is 290 gallons…. Still filling… LOL. However, it should be full sometime tomorrow and then I can begin to enjoy my cleaner well water :)

Jan. 13, 2014

Hot Damn!!!!!!!!!!!

Is another beautiful day. Tomorrow, I am off to Belize City to get the dent fixed in my car (Yes, I put there ALL BY MYSELF…..LOL). I will be staying at the Biltmore, by the pool, Pina Colada in hand for 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, what a life I suffer through… Yahooooooooooooo

Feb. 13, 2014

Good Times

Soon my best friends from the States will be here for 5 days. Luther, Kathi, Anne, and Cheryl. The agenda calls for a day of cave tubing and a catered party (as John don't cook for large crowds any more… LOL).

Jul. 6, 2014

Life is great

It is a beautiful day. Nice ocean breeze. Working on my last project around the house (I hope… LOL). I managed to blow a water line that is under the slab. So, am in the process of having the house re-piped. Should be done in 2 weeks.